Who we are

The Diotima Centre is a non-profit, non- governmental women’s organization. It was established at the end of the 80s through an initiative of a group of women from different academic backgrounds and aiming at systematically highlighting discriminations against women on all levels of social, political and economic life.

During its long presence and due to initiatives undertaken by the women activated, the Centre has been attempting to shape and promote gender equality policies. Supports and promotes a dual strategy, i.e. both gender mainstreaming and targeted or positive actions for women.

The Diotima Centre has been actively participating in social and political actions of the feminist movement both in Greece and abroad. The Centre has itself also been influenced and shaped by the developments, to the extent that new ideas, strategies and approaches have been consolidating gradually within the public agenda and relevant policies

It has become a meeting place, a locus for exchanging ideas, debating and intercommunicating, open to challenge, new facts and issues, but mainly, open to every woman interested (or every man interested, since the Centre does not address only women).

It is moreover a space for the production of ideas and actions, as well as a space for the development of theories, policies, movements allowing for the emergence of alternative voices and narratives, which may challenge or breach biases and ethnocentric demarcations of the self and the Other. Based on this viewpoint, we could say that the Centre constitutes a privileged place for the articulation of new forms of networking, exchange and political claims.

The Diotima Centre carries four interrelated and complementary identities:

Research centre specializing in gender and equality issues, introducing feminist approaches and critical analysis, while trying to gain insight on gender mainstreaming in relation to social, employment, immigration and other policies. Within this framework, the Centre realizes research programmes, carries out relevant studies, and elaborates manuals, intervention tools, etc, on a variety of issues.

Certified Centre for Counseling & Supportive Services, which plans and implements interventions and counseling activities for the support and empowerment of women in general and for the support of diversified groups of women (e.g. unemployed women, single mothers, victims of violence and trafficking, immigrants etc), as well as interventions for women’s self-employment/entrepreneurship, skills upgrading, referrals to relevant services and organizations, etc.

Women’s NGO, and as such it contributes to the understanding of social and political life from a gender perspective, offering advocacy to women, empowering them, safeguarding their right to self-definition, while questioning prevalent male-centered approaches. The Centre also lobbies for transparency and accountability, and contributes in keeping an open dialogue among many and different at each time political and social subjects – the academic/ research community, institutional actors, policy and opinion makers, the civil society.

Agency for the implementation of training actions. It conducts training programs and interventions for the development of skills, the empowerment of women themselves, as well as the training of a number of professionals / practitioners, for the recognition and holistic treatment of incidents of gender violence.

The Diotima Centre has since 1989 designed and implemented numerous projects & activities many of which have been funded by:

  • European and national funds or programs, through European, national and co-financed programs respectively.
  • Ιnternational organizations
  • Corporate social responsibility areas of private entities

A large number of scholars, researchers, educators and executives has contributed and continues to contribute over the years to our work. In our group belong all those women with whom we came close, exchanged experiences, knowledge and gained inspiration and strength to continue.

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