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PLAY SAFE - Terms of Use

The application “PLAY SAFE”, for the information, awareness-raising, and education of the young population with the aim of self-protection from online gender-based violence (here in after “the application”) was created and is operated with the support of UNICEF by the Civic Non-Profit Organization under the name Center for Women’s Studies and Research and the distinctive title
“Diotima – Center for Gender Rights and Equality”, here in after “DIOTIMA”.

The application is available for Android operating systems installed on mobile phones and tablets.

Description of how the application works:
By logging in to the application and selecting the box, you declare that you unconditionally agree to the terms of use, which we encourage you to read carefully before accepting them. DIOTIMA reserves the right to unilaterally modify them without a prior or a subsequent notice to you. As a user of the application, you must check them periodically, even after accepting them, and in case of a disagreement, you must stop using it and uninstall it from the device you are using, as continuing to use it means unconditional acceptance of its terms of use.

You enter your requested information and declare that you are at least 15 years old, which is the minimum age limit according to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Hellenic law in order to use the application at which you grant the consent to the processing of your personal data yourself or that you have the consent of your representative if you are younger.

By selecting the “start” button you are asked to choose the language (Greek, English, Farsi) in which you want to navigate the application and the basic language of the educational game.

Once you have selected the language, you will be given a short description of the educational game and you can click on the button to continue. In the next step, you will be asked to accept
the terms of use. If you refuse, you cannot continue. You can read the terms of use by clicking on the “here” button on this page.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be taken to the main game menu. At this point you are given the options, to (1) start the educational game by clicking on the “Game” button, (2) find helpful phone numbers and agencies that can support you if you or someone close to you is experiencing online gender-based violence by clicking on the “Need support?” button or (3) find out more information about UNICEF and the Diotima Centre. Also, from the main menu page you can go to the SETTINGS page by clicking on the gear symbol.

From the SETTINGS page you may (1) select the language for browsing the app, (2) download informational material related to online gender-based violence, (3) find useful phone numbers
and agencies if you need support, (4) read the terms of use, and (5) mute or turn on the app’s sounds.
Selection of the “PLAY” button takes you to the “CHOOSE YOUR AVATAR” page to get started. You are then taken to the “CHOOSE FEATURES” page where you select an accessory for your avatar.

On the next page, you can view the avatar with the accessory you have chosen and add the nickname you want to continue the game with. By selecting the “NEXT” link you reach the main part of the game which consists of three levels: The first one is entitled “GO TO MY POSITION”, the second one is “FIND THE WORD” and the third one is “GIVE THE SOLUTION”. At the beginning of each level, you are given instructions for the game that follows.

At each level of the game, you collect a total score corresponding to the answers you have given.

The final score is the sum of the scores of the three games, with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 40. The first level, “PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES”, has 10 questions. The minimum score of the level is 0 and the maximum is 20. Your answers are scored according to the response you choose, which can be correct (green), wrong (yellow), or intermediate (orange). For a correct answer, you get 2 points, orange 1, and yellow, 0 points.

The second level “FIND THE WORD” has 5 questions. The minimum score of the level is 0 and the maximum is 10. A successful attempt to find the word is scored 2 points and a failed attempt is scored 0 points.

The third level “GIVE THE SOLUTION” has 10 questions. The minimum score of the level is 0 and the maximum is 10. Your choices are scored with 1 point for the correct response and 0 for the wrong one. When you complete all three levels, you are taken to the last page of the app where you see your total score. You are given the option to (1) post a link to the app on Social Media networks using approved third-party branded data-sharing software embedded in the app or send it to your contacts, without mentioning any personal data in any case.

From the same page you may also (2) download information material, (3) find useful phone numbers and agencies if you need support (on GBV matters), and (4) play the educational game again.

Limitation of liability Every effort has been made in the design and creation of the application to facilitate, optimize and secure your browsing experience. However, DIOTIMA and UNICEF are not responsible for the security of your browsing experience and your posts or associated with the use of the environment of the installation platform, when you disseminate your personal data by using social media networks. Depending on the nature of the social media networks platform, you may provide additional information to the social media provider to develop criteria that allow them to target specific messages to social media users. You must evaluate, monitor and cross-check the content of posts yourself, and take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your browsing on the app (e.g. by using antivirus programs and your device settings). DIOTIMA and UNICEF do not promise or guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the application, which may be interrupted at any time, temporarily or permanently, for any reason, without notice. Intellectual property Except in cases where there are third-party rights, all intellectual property rights in the application and its content (software, images, databases, photographs, images, trademarks,
videos, texts, distinctive titles, etc.) are the intellectual property of UNICEF and may not be copied, downloaded, published, reproduced, translated, modified, economically and commercially exploited in any way without its prior written permission. Exceptionally, UNICEF grants you a personal, limited, non-transferable, non-commercial, non-exclusive license to use it.
You may not: modify, distribute, reproduce, create derivative works of any part of the Application and for any unlawful purpose, including, without limitation, work that infringes UNICEF’s intellectual property rights or promotes hate speech, violence, gender discrimination or any offensive or harmful content.

If you have any questions regarding these terms of use, we encourage you to contact us via the Diotima – Centre for Gender Rights and Equality website (, as well as via email at

The invalidity of any part of these terms of use does not affect the validity of the rest of the agreement, which is governed by Hellenic law. The courts of Athens shall have exclusive
jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising from this agreement.

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