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We are a Non-Governmental Organization, in open conversation with feminist theory, methodology and practice. For us, feminist advocacy is a building block of our actions.

Through advocacy, we aim to promote gender equality, secure gender rights, to change laws, policies, and institutional practices that (re)produce gender inequalities and discrimination in all fields of public and private life.In all our advocacy initiatives we ensure the active participation of women themselves (individually and collectively) and our constant aim is to cooperate and network with other civil society actors.Over the years we have actively participated in: public consultation processes in the framework of legislative initiatives, drafting of draft laws and action plans for gender equality, in legislative committees, and evaluation processes of international conventions ratified by the parliament (e.g. Istanbul Convention, Law 4531/2018, 1st Report of Greece to GREVIO), lobbying groups, networks for the promotion of gender rights, national and international fora, activist feminist initiatives.
We are currently participating in:
  • In the expert group of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
  • the National Reporting Mechanism for the Protection of Victims of Trafficking (NRM)
  • Gender-Based Violence (GBV) working group and the Legal Aid Working Group of the UNHCR
  • the Coordination Centre of the Municipality of Athens for Migrants and Refugees (ACCMR) and the Committee on “Refugee Women – Gender Discrimination in the Management of Daily Living”
  • the Advocacy Working Group of organisations supporting the refugee population
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