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We promote gender rights and the rights of people who are on the move (refugees), in partnership with other Civil Society organizations. Read our Press Releases and find out more about our advocacy actions.

Γυναίκα πλάτυ, κοιτάει προς την θάλασσα.
domestic violence

Remote psychosocial support for women

The programme is addressed to Greek and immigrant women, who experience all forms of gender-based violence and reside in Greece.

A woman's face is blurred and on the front is written "In times of crisis women and girls are most at risk, stand by them."
gender rights

Digital campaign #StandΒyΤhem

New campaign of the Diotima Centre on gender-based violence in three languages (Greek, English, Ukrainian).

Women's hands, painted red
gender rights

These are femicides

The three recent femicides in just 48 hours are a devastating consequence of gender-based violence, and not a bolt from the blue.

snapshot of an anti-war demonstration, a placard around the neck of a protester reads "all we are saying is give peace a chance"
gender rights

Peace protest

Call for a pro-peace, anti-war demonstration, for a ceasefire in Ukraine, and the opening of negotiations with the participation of women.

activists hold a sign that read "the future is female"
gender rights

We defend feminist claims

Feminist struggles and claims have not only not ceased but are experiencing a lively bloom, internationally and in Greece.

snapshot of a feminist demonstration in front of the parliament, two young women hold cardboards of the same size which they each hold up with their left hand, on one is written "You are not alone" on the other "You are not the only one"
gender rights

Initiative against femicide

The initiative is formed in order not to allow this debilitating phenomenon to continue without a reaction.

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