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We are a women’s non-profit organisation specialising in gender and equality issues, founded in 1989.

Our vision is to highlight and remove gender discrimination and our mission is to empower women and femininities. The core of our action is the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence.

What we do at a glance: 

We support survivors of gender-based violence by providing specialized legal assistance, psychosocial support, and professional counselling. 

We create information and awareness campaigns to shape a collective culture of zero tolerance for gender-based violence.

We implement training and awareness-raising activities on equality, gender rights, and gender-based violence

We carry out empowerment activities and skills upgrading programmes for excluded groups of women.

We undertake advocacy initiatives, with the active participation of women themselves, to secure gender rights and change laws, policies, and practices that reproduce gender inequalities.

We produce field research, formulate policy recommendations, and formulate tools to promote gender equality.



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