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By making a donation to the Diotima Centre, you help us support women and femininities, who lack the financial and social resources necessary to live a life free of gender-based violence.

You support key areas of our work, such as women’s empowerment, the combating of gender discrimination and inequalities, the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence, the awareness raising and informing about gender rights and promotinggender equality.

Thank you!

people on actions for prevention
people on actions for prevention
people on educational trainings

Your donation fills us with a feeling of satisfaction and responsibility for the continuation of our workand the construction of a society of gender justice. We are happy to share the same values, goals, and dreams.

You can make your donation via phone/web banking or by bank transfer by mentioning the word donation.




PayPal at

Please following the donation, contact the Donations Department at attaching proof of deposit so that we can send you the receipt. In case of corporate donations please include the tax ID numberin the email, address and occupation.

For more information, call 210-3244380

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