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We are conducting awareness campaigns focusing on gender stereotypes, women’s empowerment, and creating zero tolerance culture on gender violence. To achieve our goals, we need you by our side.

Play Safe

Play Safe is an educational game about online gender-based violence.


A campaign which aspires to raise awareness and inform young people about gender rights and the prevention of gender-based violence. 

A woman's face is blurred and on the front is written "In times of crisis women and girls are most at risk, stand by them."

Stand Βy Τhem

New campaign of the Diotima Centre on gender-based violence in three languages (Greek, English, Ukrainian).

Cyber Violence

Cyber violence and sexual harassment affect women’s physical and psychological health.

Don't Skip

Digital campaign which seeks to raise awareness in society so that we don’t skip the daily incidents of gender based violence and sexism.

Here for Us

Campaign for the care and mutual support of women and men refugees, through the exchange of knowledge, practices, and ideas.

My Message on Integration

What are the needs of survivors of gender-based violence who have fled their country and are in Greece? What are they missing? How much do they struggle in their daily lives?

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