The Diotima Centre provides a series of services aimed at supporting and empowering women or women’s groups. All services are free to the beneficiaries. Throughout the provision of services, complete privacy regarding personal information is ensured, as well as respect to individual will, choices and each woman’s experiences.

Legal aid for low-income women (Greek citizens or migrants) survivors of gender-based violence, without access to information and legal support. Services include legal support for appeals to justice, with all expenses covered for matters related to gender-based violence (application for divorce, maintenance claims, pressing charges).

Legal aid for (men and women) refugee survivors of gender-based violence, inhabiting urban spaces or refugee camps. Services provided include legal support for the asylum process (memo drafting, escort and support during interviews, appeals), as well as support to seek justice in matters concerning gender-based violence. Additionally, we provide legal counselling on an individual basis.

If you are a woman, survivor of gender-based violence, and belong to one of the groups described above, call at 210-3244380, every Monday-Friday, 12.00-17.00.

Psychosocial support for survivors of gender-based violence, especially members of the refugee population inhabiting refugee camps or urban spaces, in Attica and Northern Greece. The services are provided by a team of professionals, specialised in managing cases of gender-based violence (psychologists, social workers, interpreters/cultural mediators), and include escorting and mediation to public/local services (police, social services, health and insurance organisations, shelters).

Career counselling services for employed and unemployed, Greek citizens and migrant women. These services aim at informing the beneficiaries about prevailing job market conditions, providing them with individualised counselling, increasing their capabilities and preparing them to enter the job market or create their own, self-owned or cooperative business.

If your organisation or your field personnel know of relevant cases you can refer them to Diotima, by emailing [email protected] or calling at 210 8816405.