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The active role of migrant women in supporting survivors
We invite you on Friday 28/06, 7pm. to the event of the Community Linkage program at We need books.

Diotima Center invites you to the event “For an active role of migrant women in supporting survivors”, on Friday 28/06, 7pm, We need books, 7 Evias, Athens 113 62.

After two years of successful actions and synergies, Community Linkage is coming to an end and we invite you to discuss the ways in which women, migrant and refugee women, can become agents of social change, advocating for a world of gender justice in their communities.

Last year, at the Diotima Centre we trained 15 women living in Greece from seven countries: Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Morocco, Iran, Uganda and Congo.

Our goal was for them to play an active role in preventing gender-based violence in their communities. At the same time, the women participated in mutual learning activities with professionals from 13 gender-based violence response agencies.

The actors were informed about gaps and deficiencies in support for migrant survivors and the needs of the communities, paving the way for a culture of equitable and inclusive support.

We invite you to share this rich experience through the words and experiences of the participants and professionals who took part in the project.

Agenda of discussions

  •  “The importance of activating migrant and refugee women themselves to support survivors of gender-based violence in migrant communities: The contribution of the Community linkage project”, Maria Tzavarra, project team member, Diotima Centre
  •  “Our experience of participating in Community linkage activities”, Nataliia Kolesnikova, lawyer, speaker at trainings on women’s empowerment, member of the Association of Ukrainian Women in Greece
  • “Key issues on gender-based violence highlighted by women in migrant communities”, Kostandina Menka, Programme Officer, Greek Forum of Migrants
  •  “Gaps in the system of protection of survivors of gender-based violence and proposals for improvement: The perspective of migrant women”, Galini Masliouk-Kakkou, journalist, president of Ukrainian community
  • “Gender-based violence, the vulnerability of immigrant/migrant women and the role of prevention”, Claudia Memoussi, data analysis support specialist
  •  “Policies and actions of the General Secretariat for Equality and Human Rights to prevent and address gender-based violence”, Stella Paleologou, Department for Combating Violence against Women, General Secretariat for Equality and Human Rights
  • “Working with communities to prevent gender-based violence – Why it is necessary and our experience”, Sandra Ntiranyibagira, women’s protection and empowerment officer, International Rescue Committee (IRC), facilitator of women’s groups and trainings
  • Intervention by Karimeh Ganji, coordinator of Hidden Goddess and women’s right activist.

This will be followed by a discussion with the audience and a screening of the Community Linkage video

The event will be interpreted in English.

** The transnational project Community linkage is implemented in the framework of CERV-2021-DAPHNE, for the period 1/5/2022-30/6/2024, co-funded by the EU. The coordinating organisation is Surt (Spain) and the partners are the organisations: Diotima Centre (Greece), Cesie (Italy) and ZRS Koper (Slovenia).


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