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movie poster, on the left female figures climb on top of each other, forming a tall formation, on the right the caption reads "Matriarchy"
Women and power
Discussion on the occasion of the start of the screening of the film "Matriarchy" organized by the Diotima Center and Greek Film Archive.

“Women and power” is the topic of discussion co-organized by the Diotima Center with the Greek Film Archive on March 8. The discussion takes place on the occasion of the start of the screening of the film “Matriarchy” by N. Kornelios and as a contribution to the events for International Women’s Day.


  • Rena Dourou, Regional Governor of Attica
  • Konstantina Kuneva, MEP
  • Maria Komninou, General Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Film Library, Professor of the Greek Academy of Fine Arts
  • Gina Politi, Emeritus Professor of English Literature AUTH
  • Katerina Angelaki-Rook, Poet
  • Maria Liapi, Sociologist, Diotima
  • Anna Vougiouka, Social Anthropologist, Diotima
  • Lauretta Macauley, President of the African Women’s Union
  • Ioanna Athanasatou, Film Historian, Professor of EAP
  • Sissy Vovou, Feminist Initiative,
  • Eleftheria Dimitromanolaki, Writer, Cinema Theoretician
  • Aliki Kosifologu, RED NOTEBOOK
  • actors of the film.


At the Greek Film Archive, Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou 134-135 Kerameikos


Sunday, March 8, at 9 p.m.


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