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Announcement of short film competition
Diotima Centre, in the framework of the SPEAK program, announces a short film competition.

The Diotima Centre, in the framework of the SPEAK* program for the fight against gender-based violence, announces a short film competition on the theme: “Don’t Skip: young people and young filmmakers against violence against women”.

Visibility of gender violence

By launching this competition, we want to give a voice to young and creative people to express themselves and share their perspectives on the phenomenon of gender-based violence. A phenomenon that is every day but often invisible.

It is worth noting that despite the legal guarantee of equality and the many individual institutional improvements, violence against women remains an everyday phenomenon, within the family, the work environment, and even in the public sphere. As official figures show, 1 in 4 women in Europe will suffer some form of abuse in her lifetime.

Raising public awareness

In an effort to raise public awareness, we invite young creatives (18-30 years old) to pick up the camera, turn on the microphone and tell a story about gender-based violence, in the form of a short fiction film, documentary, visual poem or any other kind of record.

Share with us your own cinematic insight to help inform – mobilize your fellow citizens.

The competition is part of our new nationwide campaign against gender-based violence, which was symbolically launched on 8 March 2018 and has as its central message: “Don’t Skip”, focusing on raising awareness around the roles of men and women and the resulting use of power. Its aim: to mobilize all to recognize the signs of gender-based violence.

Conditions of participation

  • University students, students of relevant public or private schools, and independent creators aged 18 to 30.
  • Duration of the competition from 18-4-2018 to 31-8-2018
  • The maximum duration of the competing film is up to 5 minutes
  • By participating, the filmmaker(s) certifies that the work belongs to him/her and is original. Participants in the competition are responsible for ensuring the copyright of third parties.
  • The films will be sent electronically via wetransfer to with the indication for the “Short Film Competition”, until 31-8-2018. They will be accompanied by the name of the filmmaker or team and contact details.
  • The results of the jury of the competition for the winning film will be announced on 29 September 2018 and will be posted on the Diotima Centre’s website These films will be put to the public’s judgment and the voting will take place via an online platform between 7-20 November. The results of the Audience Award will be announced on 21 November.
  • The prizes are as follows: Jury Prize: 1,000 euros, Audience Prize: 1,000 euros
  • In case the jury and the audience judge result in the same film, the winning film will also be awarded an honorary distinction for the Audience Award, while the money corresponding to the Audience Award will be given to the next film selected in order.
  • The award ceremony will take place on November 25, 2018, at 12 pm, at the Trianon Cinema, 21 Codringtonos & 101 Patision Street.
  • Interested parties may submit clarifying questions regarding the terms of the competition to Diotima Centre, in particular to Mr. I. Gouseti,, tel. 210 3244380.
  • By participating in the competition, the authors accept these terms and conditions and acknowledge that all or part of the number of films submitted will be posted on the Diotima Centre’s website and social media, including the names of the contributors. The copyright of the videos remains in the possession of their creators, and Diotima Centre does not retain any further right to exploit them beyond the right to use and display them for the purposes of the competition and the campaign, as well as to use and publish them as part of its archive of work.
  • The Jury of the competition consists of Eva Stefani, director / Evi Karampatsou, director / Despina Tsuma, communication consultant – representative of Diotima Centre

**The SPEAK project is implemented with the kind support of Papastratos and as a whole includes: a) the provision of free legal assistance to low-income women who suffer or have suffered gender-based violence b) the strengthening of prevention by organizing information workshops in open groups of young men and women c) an awareness campaign for the general public for the early and effective recognition and reaction to this real and serious social problem.


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