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What happens after filing a complaint?

ασπρόμαυρη φωτογραφία, μια γυναίκα με κλειστά μάτια στρέφει το κεφάλι της προς τα δεξιά

Maria Apostolaki, the coordinator of legal services at the Diotima Center, presents the main institutional obstacles to the protection of surviving women.

Learn your legal rights

on a yellow background a woman reads behind an open window, the caption reads "home safe" and top left "unlock your power"

No one has the right to be abusive, aggressive, or violent toward you. Domestic violence is prosecuted by law 3500/2006.

Μake an escape plan

Φωτογραφία εσωτερικού χώρου με έναν πορτοκαλί τοίχο στον οποίο υπάρχει ένα άνοιγμα πόρτας

It is important to plan your escape from an abusive relationship. See some indicative steps below and make an escape plan.

The cycle of violence

on a light blue background a woman hugs a baby tightly, the caption reads "it can happen to everyone" and top left "unlock your power"

Abused women often report feeling trapped in a tightrope from which they cannot escape.

Forms of domestic violence

on a pale green background a flower tending to wither, the caption reads "verbal violence hurts" and top left "unlock your power"

Domestic violence is the most prevalent form of gender-based violence worldwide. 1 in 4 European women experiences or will experience it at some point in her life.

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