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Αίοθσα γεμάτη κόσμο. Στην οθόνη που φαίνεται γράφει "Διοτιμα".
Sexual violence in and out of the courtroom
In this event, hosted by the WOW Festival, we will discuss sexual violence in and out of courtrooms, since the metoo Greece.

The Diotima Center invites you to the event “Justice vs Vindication: Sexual violence inside and outside the courtroom”, co-organized with the festival WOW – Women of the World – Athens 2023, on Saturday, April 1, 6pm, at the Lighthouse of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.


What did the Greek metoo leave as a legacy? How were survivors of rape and sexual violence treated in courtrooms? Did increasing sentences contribute to the administration of gender justice? We are debating whether there has been an initial vindication for the victims or other forms of transformative justice are needed.

Moderator: Anna Vougiouka – gender expert, advocacy manager of at Diotima Center

Dora Vetta – Lawyer at Diotima Center
Matina Papagiannopoulou – Sociologist, criminologist
Maria Louka – Journalist, screenwriter
Jadranka Miličević  – Feminist and peace activist, Women’s Court Feminist Approach to justice
Sissy Vovou – Activist

There will be simultaneous interpretation to and from English and Greek Sign Language.
For ages 13+

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About WOW Festival

From the 1st to the 3rd of April, 2023, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is presenting the first WOW – Women of the World Festival in Greece.

The festival is staged in cooperation with the UK-based WOW Foundation, the world’s largest event dedicated to women, girls and non-binary people. WOW Foundation was founded by Jude Kelly in 2010, when the first WOW Festival took place at Southbank Centre, London. Since then, WOW Foundation has organized festivals and events in more than 30 cities across six continents, attracting 5 million people.

WOW Athens, presented in Greece in cooperation with the British Council and the support of British Embassy Athens, includes speeches by Greek and foreign guests, discussions, exhibitions, workshops, mentoring sessions, educational programs, concerts, and much more, in an ambitious event aiming to empower women and feminities in tackling the barriers and inequalities they encounter daily, and celebrate the victories won to date as well as the people behind them and their inspiring stories. Diverse and interdisciplinary, the festival focuses on present-day Greek reality, while also looking at shared concerns and challenges from across the globe.

Photographs of the event
Copyrights: SNFCC/Vaso Parashi


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