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Γραφιστικό σε ροζ φόντο, γράφει "Εκδήλωση EQUAL GEN"
Young people for gender equality
We invite you on Friday 24/3 at 6 pm, at the Serafio of the Municipality of Athens, to the launch event of the Equal_Gen project.

We are glad to invite you to the event “Young people for gender equality”, which will take place within the framework of  the EQUAL_GEN program,  coordinated by Diotima Center and implemented  by Anasa Cultural Center and Emantes International LGBTQIA+ Solidarity.

The event will present the actions of the project for the promotion of gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence, addressed to 900 young people, aged 16-30. By working with the young generation, our goal is to create cracks in gender stereotypes and roles, which decisively affect young people’s choices in education, interpersonal relationships and work, perpetuating gender inequality and violence.

The event also includes two artistic events to get a glimpse of the interactive workshops implemented within the framework of the project, utilizing contemporary art to approach issues of gender justice, in an experiential and extralinguistic way.


PART A: 6-7 pm

A representative of the Grant Manager will address a greeting


  • Why does equality concern the young generation? Synergies and actions for a multifaceted approach“, Despina Stamataki (project coordinator), Diotima Center 
  • “Equality without discrimination: LGBTQIA+ refugees and inclusion”, Lia Zachariadi (community group coordinator), Emantes International LGBTQIA+ Solidarity
  • “Approaching gender equality through art”, Grace Nuoke (production manager) & Marina Naki (production coordinator), Anasa Cultural Center

A discussion with the audience will follow.

BREAK: 15 minutes, there will be catering and music

PART B: 7.15-8pm

  • spoken word with a percussion group of Anasa Cultural Center
  • theatrical performance by the artistic group Tunnel of oppression

**The project “EQUAL_GEN: Young people for gender equality” is implemented in the framework of the Active citizens fund program by Diotima Center, Anasa Cultural Center and Emantes International LGBTQIA + Solidarity.
The Active citizens fund, amounting to € 13.5 million, is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) 2014 – 2021 financial mechanism, known as the EEA Grants. The programme aims to strengthen the sustainability of civil society and to highlight its role in promoting democratic processes, strengthening civic participation and defending human rights. The Active citizens fund for Greece is jointly managed by the Bodossaki Foundation and Solidarity Now. 
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