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Φωτογραφία που δείχνει μια γυναίκα να κρατά στις παλάμες της ένα λουλούδι
Program for survivors with sensory disabilities
Our goal is to create an accessible campaign and inclusive support services for people with sensory disabilities.

Liminal, Diotima Center, and the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe, are joining forces in a new program that addresses the awareness and support of survivors of gender-based violence with sensory disabilities.

People with sensory disabilities, whose autonomy is often not taken for granted, are excluded from the existing structures and specialized support they need. As this population group and its needs are not taken into account in the design and operation of existing structures and services, it is particularly difficult to support them in escaping from violating and abusive relationships and securing their rights to a life free from all forms of gender-based violence.

Recognizing this important gap, this new program aims to create an accessible awareness and information campaign on issues of gender-based violence and to create inclusive support services for people with sensory disabilities who are at risk or have experienced gender-based violence.

Through their collaboration, the two institutions attempt to respond to the challenges associated with disability and gender, creating an accessible pathway for information and support by and for people with sensory disabilities, to prevent gender-based violence, support survivors, and raise awareness in society.


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