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graphic design on a purple background, in yellow letters the caption reads "8M #womensStrike" and elsewhere "March 8th every day until ultimate equality"
Every day is March 8 until ultimate equality
We are women, Europeans, immigrants, and refugees. We are women of all ages and all gender identities. On March 8, we shout loudly: enough!

We have different identities: we are Greek women, European women, immigrants, refugees. We are women of all ages and all gender identities. We are those who were lost – murdered by men (husbands/partners, fathers, brothers). We are the working and unemployed.  We are each and every one of us who on March 8 in the feminist marches and strikes shout loudly: ENOUGH!

ENOUGH with aggression, humiliation, marginalization, and exclusion!

ENOUGH with the daily visible and invisible gender-based violence!

ENOUGH femicides! We want to walk freely in the public space, 24 hours a day, without fear!

ENOUGH with the subordinate jobs, getting paid lower than our male colleagues for the same position, the obstacles to our professional development, the job insecurity and sexual harassment in the workplace, the threat of dismissal during pregnancy, and the insufficient pensions!

ENOUGH with the education that contributes to the reproduction of gender stereotypes. We demand the right for all of us to a public, modern and feminist education that does not silence our participation in history, and that does not push us into professional and scientific choices determined by oppressive gender stereotypes.

ENOUGH with racism and exclusion! No woman is illegal. We are free women in free countries.

ENOUGH with the burden on our backs of social reproduction, care, and invisible and unpaid domestic work!

ENOUGH! We demand to be the protagonists of our lives, our health, and the mood of our bodies. Without pressures on our appearance, without the commodification and objectification of our bodies to satisfy the sexual and reproductive desires of the dominant patriarchal culture. Our bodies are not products or objects! Our bodies belong to us!

If not us who, if not now when, to break the alliance of capitalism and patriarchy that requires us to be submissive, subservient, and silent.

We call on all women, LGBTQ+ subjects, and male equal allies in the struggle for substantive equality to come together:

  • at the strike meeting of the unions, at 2 pm, at Clafthmonos Sq.
  • at the evening feminist march, at 6 pm, on Clafthmonos Sq., at 2 pm.

EQUAL RIGHTS at work, at home, in the public space, in leisure time, in life

Diotima Center


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