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“Everything is fine” is awarded the Jury Prize
The prize of the competition: "Young creators against violence against women: Don't Skip" is awarded to the film "Everything is fine" by Dimitris Ballotta and Claudia Cornea.

We remind you that the competition was announced as part of our nationwide, digital campaign “Don’t Skip – Don’t skip gender-based violence”, which is implemented with the kind support of the Papastratos company, and lasted from 18/4 to 31/08/2018.

Through the competition, we aimed for young creators (18-30 years old) to share their own cinematic vision to inform and raise awareness among our fellow citizens, regarding the everyday phenomenon of gender-based violence.

Warm thanks

The jury, consisting of Eva Stefani (director), Evi Karabatsou (director), and Despina Tsouma (communications consultant – representative of the Diotima Center), saw and respectfully evaluated the 10 short films we received.

First of all, we would like to thank all the creators, on behalf of the Diotima Center, for the participation, effort, and trust they showed in the organization.

The small number of participants does not discourage us. On the contrary, it convinces us of the necessity of similar actions, which make the phenomenon of gender-based violence visible to as large an audience as possible, and even more so with the involvement of young people in them.

The reasoning of the Jury

In all 11 films, we have to recognize the creative effort of the new participants, to submit fresh and original works.

In all the films, the passion and enthusiasm of the creators for spreading the central message: “Don’t ignore gender-based violence”, is evident, even if this sometimes works against the cinematic language.

The award-winning film “Everything is fine” stood out for its perfection but also for its special style, which manages to clearly and resoundingly capture both the problem and the silent pain of women who suffer gender-based violence, highlighting the real difficulty of uncovering such incidents.

The creators of the selected film, Dimitris Ballotta, and Claudia Cornea, will be awarded the Jury Prize (€1,000).

Stay tuned for the announcement of the online public vote, which will result in the Audience Award (€1,000), and the award ceremony.


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