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γραφιστικό,με μαύρα σπασμένα γράμματα γράφει «Feminisms in Crisis»
Feminisms in crisis: an open discussion
How might we envision a feminist response to intersecting crises? Is there a crisis within “feminism” or among “feminisms”?

An open discussion to address the relationship of multiple–declared and undeclared–crises to the political, intellectual, and experiential project of feminism; or, more accurately, of feminisms–since they are plural, heterogeneous, and internally contested.

Featuring interventions by : Lila Leontidou, Zoe Mavroudi, Alexandra Zavos, Haris Tsavdaroglou and Eirini Avramopoulou. Organised and moderated by Anna Carastathis and Myrto Tsilimpounidi for Feminist Researchers Against Borders.*

* Feminist Researchers Against Borders is a newly-formed network of feminist researchers, organisers, and activists working to dismantle the structures that coerce, constrain, criminalise, and control migration–including the borders of the nation-state and its management of human life through gender, sexuality, racialisation, citizenship, and colonialism. Through collaborative research and political interventions, we are in solidarity with struggles against the nation-state, borders, capitalism, and violence.

The language of the meeting is English, with simultaneous whisper translation into/from Greek, Arabic, French, and Farsi.

October 8th, 2017, 17.00 @ “Communitism”, 28 Keramikou str. 104 36, Athens, Greece


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