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Launch of legal aid program
Providing legal assistance to women who are experiencing or have experienced violence and raising public awareness.

The Diotima Centre, with the kind sponsorship of Papastratos ABES, implements a program to prevent, highlight and contribute to addressing the consequences of gender-based violence.

The program has three pillars: providing legal assistance to women who are experiencing or have experienced violence, information and training for young people, and raising public awareness.

Legal aid

In particular, the program offers free legal aid to women with limited annual income. Through legal assistance, the program aims to contribute to remedying the consequences of gender-based violence, prevent secondary victimization, and empower the beneficiaries.

Awareness raising

In parallel, the program includes the creation of open information and awareness-raising groups, composed of young men and women (18-26 years old). The aim of the groups is for young people to reflect and position themselves around the daily phenomena of gender-based violence.


Finally, in the framework of the project, a nationwide awareness-raising campaign will be implemented, aimed at the general public. Our aim is to foster a culture of zero tolerance towards gender-based violence and to make it clear that everyone’s contribution is necessary for early and effective recognition and reaction to it.

For the implementing organization

The Diotima Centre, active since 1989, is an NGO specializing in issues related to gender-based violence. It is a national expert in the database of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). It systematically provides support and reintegration services for women who have suffered gender-based violence. It organizes women’s empowerment groups.  It has long research experience and fieldwork experience on issues related to gender equality.

More about Diotima Centre can be found here:

To contact Diotima Centre:

Despina Tsuma, Diotima Centre Legal Services Coordinator, tel. 2103244380 (Mon-Fri 12.00-17.00),,

The company that supports the program

Papastratos ABES, 86 years after its foundation, is the largest company producing tobacco products in Greece. Its portfolio includes the world’s leading brand Marlboro, Philip Morris, L&M, the historic ASO, and the first new tobacco product of potentially reduced risk compared to conventional cigarettes, IQOS. It exports products to more than 30 countries and holds about 40% of the Greek market. The parent company Philip Morris International absorbs most of the Greek production of oriental tobacco. With new headquarters since 2009 in Aspropyrgos, where the central production and administrative facilities are located, a warehousing center in Agrinio, and regional sales offices in Thessaloniki and Patras, the company employs a total of 800 employees directly and indirectly. Papastratos ABES combines the characteristics of a modern international company with the Greek identity of a historical company with a long history in the business life of Greece.

For more information see here

To contact the company:

Christina Akouri, Papastratos Communications Manager, tel. 210 4193584,

Akis Klessis, aia relate, tel.  210 7418935,


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