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GSGE and KETHI should remain at the Ministry of Interior
More than 150 citizens and 8 women's organizations are demanding that the GSGE and the KETH remain in the Ministry of Interior.

More than 150 citizens and eight women’s organizations, including the Diotima Centre, are calling for the retention of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and the Research Centre for Gender Equality in the Ministry of Interior: “The integration of the GS for Gender Equality and the Research Centre for Gender Equality into the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs downgrades and devalues the two main and national central state institutions for gender equality

Read the full text below:

“It was announced by the government of the New Democracy, immediately after its formation, the transfer of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE) and the Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI) of the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Labour. We are radically opposed to this change for the following reasons:

  • The integration of the GS for Gender Equality and the Research Centre for Gender Equality into the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs downgrades and devalues the two key and national central state institutions for gender equality.
  • Gender equality is not only about the labour sector but also about violence against women, trafficking and handling of women, participation in decision-making, poverty, education, human rights, and the environment.
  • Our approach is in line with the UN resolutions on women, at least since the 4th World Conference in 1995, which integrate a gender equality perspective into all policies, strategies, practices, and related measures.

In light of these resolutions, we consider the move of the GSGE to the Ministry of Labour to be a retrograde step and call for it to remain in the Ministry of Interior.”

Signed by:

Name and surname – Social status/profession

  1. Angeliki Angelakopoulou, Legal Adviser of the Kozani Legal Advice Centre
  2. Evangelos Angelakopoulos, Private Employee
  3. Charalambos Angelakopoulos, Retired
  4. Olga Angelakopoulou, Pensioner
  5. Angeliki Angelakopoulou, Household
  6. Elias Athanasiadis, Cardiologist
  7. Anna Anagnostopoulou Equality Expert
  8. Anthi Andreopoulou, Actress
  9. Georgios Andsos, Freelance
  10. Dimitrios Andsos, Pensioner
  11. Maria Antsou, Household
  12. Vera Antsou, Private Employee
  13. Antonakou Danae, former Deputy Mayor of Athens
  14. Arvanitaki Katerina, Member of the Athens Oral History Group and radio producer at Solidarity’s Orange Radio
  15. Rea Valden, film theorist
  16. Dina Vaio, Professor Emeritus, NTUA
  17. Takis Vouteris, actor and director
  18. Sissy Vovou, Member of women’s rights organization TO MOB
  19. Maria Giannakaki, Acting Secretary General for Human Rights and Transparency, Ministry of Justice
  20. Yennitsaris Stavros, Production and Management Engineer
  21. Gova Eleftheria, women’s rights activist
  22. Gouvia Dionyssis, Professor of Pre-school Education and Educational Planning (TEPAES) at the Department of Early Childhood Sciences ,University of the Aegean
  1. Iphigenia Georgiadou, Educator
  2. Gassouka Maria, Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education and Educational Planning, University of the Aegean
  3. Maria Yachnika, Private Employee
  4. Yannis Giannakis, Private Employee
  5. Maria Gatziura, Pensioner
  6. Nikos Daskalopoulos, Journalist.
  7. Thalia Dragona, Professor of Social Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  8. Diafa Vassiliki, Domestic
  9. Cleopatra Diga
  10. Diamantopoulos Sotirios, Judicial Clerk
  11. Dionysopoulou Konstantina, Social Worker MA
  12. Diamantopoulou Vasiliki, Pensioner
  13. Anita Dekavalla, actress and translator
  14. Ioakimidou Dina, Journalist
  15. Kanavou Ioanna, Vice President of the Women’s Political Association
  16. Karali Dimitriadis Antigoni, Greek National Representative to the UN for Gender Equality
  17. Kanda Sophia, Trade Unionist of PTOE – President of the Women’s Committee of UNI-EUROPA
  18. Kolokotronaki Irini
  19. Mimika Kritsanidou, Political Activist
  20. Kauka Maria
  21. Kontas Vasilios, Private Employee
  22. Koronaiou Alexandra, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Panteion University.
  23. Karamesini Maria, Professor, Panteion University, Greece.
  24. Karaklani Vassiliki, Household
  25. Konstantinidou Evdokia, Domestic
  26. Kounadi Elita, Actress
  27. Kostas Kaukas, Member of the Board of Directors of the GGIF Employees’ Association
  28. Katoufa Eugenia, journalist, appointed Municipal Councillor of Halandri
  29. Agapi Koffidou Agapi, activist for women’s rights
  30. Karanika Irini, Educator
  31. Karamanou Anna, Former Member of the European Parliament
  32. Karasavvidou Eleni, Special Secretary of Writers B.E., Department of Primary Education, University of Ioannina
  33. Kylakou Kati, Municipal Councillor – Lawyer
  34. Roula Kitsiou, Dr. Sociolinguistics
  35. Konstantina Kuneva, President of the European Parliament
  36. Kindelis-Niniou Vanna, Retired Ministry of Culture – Archaeologist
  37. Laliotis Michalis, Translator
  38. Ioannis Manomenidis
  39. Legaki Mirella, Economist – President of Ag. Paraskevi Cinema Club
  40. Lykogianni Roulis, Assistant Professor, H.M.P.
  41. Landemburski Stavros, Public Servant
  42. Lagani Irini, Professor of Contemporary European History – Panteion University
  43. Lagani-Mavrommati Areti, Postgraduate student of Social Policy, Panteion University
  44. Eleni Lindzaropoulou, Coordinator of the Network for Culture and Education in “Georgios Zouganelis” Prisons – Theologian – poet
  45. Vilma Meniki, Professor, activist for women’s rights
  46. Achilleas Boundas, Retired
  47. Vassilios Meras, Private Employee
  48. Bralya Sonia, Cartoonist
  49. Kati Maraka, Philologist – Musician
  50. Mitliagas Georgios, Retired
  51. Mitliaga Chrysi, Retired
  52. MitliagaKonstantinia, Professor of English Literature
  53. Bisiritsa Konstantina, Receptionist of the Counselling Centre of Kozani
  54. Barakari Katerina
  55. Eugenia Mukanou, Civil Servant
  56. Maria Mytilinaiou, Private Employee
  57. Marantou Theodora, Educator
  58. Mazneikou Athanasia, Teacher
  59. Mera Alexandra, Domestic
  60. Demetra Bounda, Retired
  61. Dora Mitliaga, Psychologist
  62. Baku Vasia, Sociologist
  63. Chrysoula Bisiritsa, Pensioner
  64. Bissiritsa Drosia, Domestic worker
  65. Bishiritsa Maria, Private Employee
  66. Bishiritsa Georgios, Private Employee
  67. Meras Konstantinos, Pensioner
  68. Boundas Ioannis, Pensioner
  69. Mouriki Aliki, Researcher at EKKE
  70. Niatsios Konstantinos, Public Servant
  71. Dasios Maria
  72. Orphanaki Pepi
  73. Orphanoudaki Flora, philologist and poet
  74. Litsa Pana-Alexandrou, President of the Acharnon branch of the Union of Women of Greece (WGU)
  75. Papandreou Margarita, President of the Women’s Union of Greece (EΓE)
  76. Papadopoulou Vaso
  77. Portaliou Eleni, University student
  78. Plumis Paschalis, Public Servant
  79. Panagiotidou Maria, Philologist
  80. Petraki Georgia, Professor, Department of Social Policy – Director of the Gender Studies Laboratory, Panteion University of Panteion
  81. Paradisi Maria, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University
  82. Plumi Konstantini, Pensioner
  83. Panagiotidou Panagiota, Retired
  84. Panayiotidis Panagiotis Panagiotis, Mathematician
  85. Stella Protonatariou, retired teacher – municipal councillor in the Municipality of Athens
  86. Nausika Papanikolatou, representative of the Greek Group for the Rights of Minorities
  87. Plumis Konstantinos, Pensioner
  88. Papageorgiou Katerina, Civil Servant
  89. Papagiannidou Sophia, Private Employee
  90. Plumi Chaido, Private Employee
  91. Panagiotidis Nikolaos, Retired
  92. Papachlimintzou Mirella, Lawyer
  93. Papatheodorou Katerina, Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Greek Network for the Feminist Strike
  94. Rachiotou Lemonia, Secondary School Teacher – Member of the Regional Committee for Gender Equality
  95. Stathopoulou Panagiota, Lawyer – Translator
  96. Stavridou Athina, Faculty of Higher Education
  97. Stambouli Aphrodite, Doctor, Obstetrician. – Gynaecologist, former MP of Serres, SYRIZA
  98. Sevastou Katerina, Active citizen. Marine Biologist – Employee of the Hellenic Marine Research Centre
  99. Stratigaki Maria, Former Secretary General for Gender Equality, Professor at Panteion University,
  100. Sianou Fotini, Activist for Peace, Non-Violence, Women’s Rights
  101. Salmatani Evangelia, Sociologist
  102. Samaras Miltiadis, Public Servant
  103. Samaras Panagiotis, Civil Servant
  104. Sakka Ileana, Deputy Member of the Board of the Women’s Political Association
  105. Samaras Danos, Pensioner
  106. Samara Despina, Pensioner
  107. Stiapis Christos, Driver
  108. Stavrou Eleni, Coordinator of the Women’s Network of the Movement of Democratic Socialists and member of the Central Committee of the Movement for Change.
  109. Anastasia Sotiriadou, Former Director General – Department of European and International Cooperation, Ministry of Interior – General Secretariat for Gender Equality
  1. Stratis Nikolaos Angelos, Graduate in European Studies
  2. Samaras Ioannis, Civil Servant
  3. Strati Korina, Psychologist
  4. Tzagakis George, Economist – Public Employee
  5. Tsampouris Nikolaos, Private Employee
  6. Tsiami Gina, Civil Servant
  7. Irini Triga – Nurse
  8. Athanasios Tsetsinas, Driver
  9. Tsamoura Marina, activist, member of the Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights
  10. Tamviskos Dimitris, pensioner
  11. Tsampouri Marina, Social Worker of the Counselling Centre of Kozani
  12. Tsampouris Athanasios, Pensioner
  13. Tsampouris Konstantinos, Private Employee
  14. Tsagaraki Pepi, former trade unionist
  15. Touri Paraksyi, H.E.T.E.P. – Department of Social Policy – Member of the Gender Studies Laboratory of Panteion University
  16. Filini Anna, architect, painter, member of the SYRIZA Committee and member of the Secretariat of the Culture Department, former Member of Parliament (2007-2009) and Municipal Councillor of Athens (17 years from 1991-2013)
  17. Chatzivarnava Evie, Associate of the Gender Studies Laboratory of Panteion University, member of the International Network for Policy and Research on Parental Leave
  18. Panagiotis Charalambides, Private Employee
  19. Maria Charalambidou, Private Employee
  20. Charalambidis Georgios, Private employee


  1. Women’s Network of the Movement of Democratic Socialists.
  2. Greek Women’s Network of Europe
  3. Greek Observatory of the Helsinki Agreements
  4. Gender Studies Laboratory of the Department of Social Policy, Panteion University of Panteion
  5. Centre for Research and Action for Peace
  6. Center for Research and Education and Peace Research and Research
  7. Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights
  8. Women’s Counseling Center of the Municipality of Halandri (Network of GSGE Structures)

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