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a protester holds a sign with the Ukrainian flag colours that read "Stop War"
No to war, to Ukraine or anywhere else
Feminist and women's organizations and collectives in Athens call for a public protest against the war in Ukraine.

In collaboration with feminist and women’s collectives, we call for a public event to shout, protest, and denounce the war in Ukraine and the powerful of the earth, exponents of a harsh patriarchal, militaristic and imperialist concept.

We denounce Putin’s Russia for invading an independent state by violating international conventions and principles, causing the destruction of the country and the deaths of thousands of civilians, creating a huge wave of refugees and immigration.

We denounce NATO and the EU for their policies, military tactics, with the dangerous expansion in the wider region and the continuation of the war by supplying and strengthening armaments, causing even greater tension and aggression on the part of Russia.

We denounce the lack of will of sovereign states to exhaust diplomatic efforts to prevent the continuation of the war.

We denounce the governments that, in the name of our supposed security, continue to finance with huge amounts armaments, at the expense of social infrastructures, work, health, and the improvement people’s lives.

We denounce the belligerent mood of the imperialist powers, the threat of Putin’s Russia to use nuclear energy as a means of blackmail, threatening with a world war.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and support every effort for peace.

We believe in the peaceful coexistence of peoples and we demonstrate together with all feminist and anti-war voices and forces to stop the war, to stop the ongoing destruction of a country, to stop the refugee wave and the forced exodus of millions of people from their country, to give the excluded people of Ukraine the right to life, freedom and peace.

On Tuesday, March 29, women’s and feminist organizations demonstrate in front of Propylaia, at 7 pm, while at 8 p.m. there is a big anti-war concert in the same place in which we can participate and spread our feminist message with leaflets and speeches.

The participating organizations & collectives

  • Women in Film and Television – Greece
  • DIOTIMA, Centre for Gender Rights and Equality
  • Greek Network for the Feminist Strike of March 8th
  • Network of women writers against gender-based violence and femicide “Her Voice”
  • KEDE Women’s Network -Δίκτυο Γυναικών ΚΕΔΕ
  • MITERAS ERGON Association of Mothers with Many Children
  • Mother’s Wings
  • Group on Women’s Rights for Social Intervention ‘Dytika’
  • Women’s group of the association of social and cultural intervention “Thryalida”
  • Piraeus Women’s Initiative
  • TO MOV

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