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snapshot of a feminist demonstration in front of the parliament, two young women hold cardboards of the same size which they each hold up with their left hand, on one is written "You are not alone" on the other "You are not the only one"
Initiative against femicide
The initiative is formed in order not to allow this debilitating phenomenon to continue without a reaction.

16 + 1 women* are no longer with us, they will not see the sunlight again, they will not enjoy their lives, their children, their loved ones, because patriarchy armed the hand of their supposed companions.

16 + 1 women were massacred, beaten to death, shot, helpless, because patriarchal fear leaves neighbors idle and inert.

16 + 1 women are no longer with us, because the police find it difficult to get to where they call them in time, and save them from domestic violence and threats.

16 + 1 women are no longer with us, because society educates boys to be bullies and girls to be victims, offerings to the murderers of tomorrow, who become addicted early on to the unbridled instincts of gender-based violence, with the constant, sexist projection of crime, and a plethora of tele-garbage, supposed to be fun games.

The Initiative against Femicide is formed by 18 women’s organizations and collectives so far, in order not to allow this debilitating phenomenon to continue without reaction, without trying to put society as a whole in front of its responsibilities!

We mourn the wronged, lost women and at the same time we claim and demand:

Justice-information-prevention-gender equality education.

In their sacred memory, we invite you all to Syntagma Square, in front of the Unknown Soldier, on Friday, December 17 at 6 pm, to shout as loudly as we can against femicides!

The signatory women’s organisations/collectives

  • Women’s Self-Defense Group
  • Diotima Center
  • Greek Network for the Feminist Strike
  • Greek Network of European Women
  • Greek Women’s Union
  • Union of Qualified Greek Women Engineers
  • Gender Studies Laboratory, Department of Social Policy, Panteion University
  • European Anti-Violence Network
  • MITERAS ERGON Association of Mothers with Many Children
  • Mother’s Wings Greece
  • Women’s Rights Group Social Intervention “Dytika”
  • Women’s group of the Association of Social and Cultural Intervention Thryalida
  • Piraeus Women’s Initiative
  • Association of employees of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality “Dora Katsivardakou”
  • Women’s Rights Association “TO MOV”
  • Feminist Collective THEODORA
  • W.C.A. Greece

* recorded femicides were 17 at the time of writing

Athens, December 15, 2021



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