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Assessing the existing needs in women refugees
This research records the needs of vulnerable female refugees living in temporary accommodation services for refugees in Greece

KETHI (Research Centre for Gender Equality) has undertaken, in collaboration with Diotima – Centre for Research on Women’s Issues – the conduction of nationwide research regarding the needs of the female refugees who reside in temporary accommodation facilities all over Greece.

The aim of the research is to assess and record the existing needs in infrastructures, services, human resources and know-how, with regard to the sectors of protection and security, prevention of GBV and support of the female refugees who belong to vulnerable groups (single mothers, pregnant women, single women, survivors of Gender-Based Violence).

The research outputs will constitute the basis for the planning of targeted interventions, the establishment of new infrastructures (e.g. shelters for the survivors of Gender-Based Violence) and the implementation of specialised support programmes in order to cover real and predictable needs without duplication, and with maximum utilisation of the resources available and a positive impact on the refugee communities.

For the purposes of the aforementioned research, key informant interviews with all relevant stakeholders (Camp managers, the competent staff in the Ministries, UNHCR staff and any relevant NGO’s) and focus group discussions with field workers and staff who work in the various shelters will be conducted.

The research’s results, which will be disseminated to all relevant stakeholders, will contribute to the enrichment of our understanding and the upgrading of our capacity to respond to the real and diverse needs of vulnerable female refugees.

Our research will emphasise all types of Gender-Based Violence which appear and are endemic to humanitarian crises, as well as reveal the existing challenges and gaps which should be addressed.


Maria Liapi
Elia Haridi
Thanasis Tirovolas

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