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GBV on refuge populations
Guide for professionals working with refugee populations to promote a culturally sensitive approach regarding the protection of GBV survivors.

The following “Training Resource Package: A guide for professionals working with refugee and migrant populations in the context of GBV specialized services” is a result of the “Building a Safety Net for Refugee and Migrant Women”, a project which is funded by the European Union – Daphne Strand and implemented in 2017-2018 through 5 partners in 3 different countries: Differenza Donna Italy (Italy), Fundació Surt (Spain), Diotima Center, KETHI and GSGE (Greece).

The package is intended to serve as a reference material to the GBV practitioners and trainers, targeting specifically persons offering case management services to migrant and refugee women and girls.

Topics included serve to provide professionals with the information and guidance they need in order to provide quality case management services to GBV survivors.

Main objective of the following package is to share a culturally sensitive approach to protection of GBV survivors or of women at risk.


Virginia Xythali

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