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Introduction to GBV core concepts
This guidance document constitutes an introduction to the basic concept of GBV, international legal standards and gender equality.

This package is a result of the “Building a Safety Net for Refugee and Migrant Women” a project which is funded by the European Union – Daphne Strand and implemented in 2017-2018 through 5 partners in 3 different countries.

This package was designed to be used as non-formal learning tool. Non-formal learning places the trainer/educator and the learner on a more equal level, moving the trainer/educator from the center and perceiving the learner as the main reference point.

We also want to encourage trainers/facilitators that will use this material to structure future trainings to use personal reflections, recreational activities, role plays, case studies and media as a means of acquiring and practicing new skills and knowledge with the trainees.

These will increase engagement of the participants and will make learning more personal, which is crucial to achieve the full potential of gender and GBV related training.

The package is intended to serve as a reference material, as it proposes a structured way of introducing Gender Based Violence in the context of migration to professionals and agencies not specialized in the field.

It is drafted along international guidelines and standards and corresponds to the needs expressed in the context of what has been described as a “refugee crisis” in the Mediterranean region.

The selected topics have being developed based on feedback from organizations and actors in Greece, Spain and Italy, over the course of 9 seminars delivered in 2017 and 2018, with the aim to enhance their response capacity; the modules and sessions were tailored in line with their training needs, as identified through their work with migrants and refugees.

Some of these are: GBV Core Concepts, Types of GBV, Identification of GBV, Safe Referrals, Guiding Principles, and some special focuses on working with victims of Trafficking and children survivors.

Topics included serve to provide a solid introduction into GBV as well as the effects it has on persons and societies and the importance of tackling it, regardless of the context.

The resources provided are strictly introductory and users are strongly encouraged to seek additional information referring to the sources listed at the end of this package. Offering quality services to refugee and migrant women require adequate theoretical knowledge, practical skills and sometimes also a change in attitude and behavior. The materials in this guide can be used to promote the acquisition of these skills and tools.

The main objectives:

  • To improve understanding of GBV contextual circumstances and the diversification of GBV survivors’ needs
  • To improve knowledge on gender equality issues, guiding principles and international legal standards related to GBV
  • To share a culturally sensitive approach to protection of GBV survivors or of women at risk

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