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#ActNow | Digital awareness campaign
Diotima Centre presents in Greece the new campaign created for the transnational LILA programme.

The #ActNow campaign will be shown simultaneously in Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium in November 2023, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence. LILA campaign can be found in English, and in Greek, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, on the social media of: the Diotima Centre, ABD, ACRA, Payoke, four organisations specialised in gender equality and violence issues.

Through the 3 #ActNow videos, we seek to inform and raise awareness among the general public on the one hand about silent forms of gender-based violence and on the other hand to highlight the importance of community support for survivors and the necessity of taking a stand when witnessing incidents of abuse.

In each of these videos, we are exposed to dialogues that mirror the common interactions we have in our daily lives. These conversations bring to the forefront a stark reality – certain forms of violence have become deeply ingrained within the very structure of our society. This presence of violence plays a significant role in perpetuating and upholding gender inequalities.

To combat and eliminate gender-based violence, it needs a profound transformation in our behavior and attitudes. Solidarity and support stand as crucial pillars in this challenge. This means not only recognizing the prevalence of gender-based violence but also actively working to dismantle the social norms and power dynamics that enable it. It involves fostering empathy, understanding, and advocacy to create an environment where every individual, regardless of their gender, can live free from violence and discrimination.

The first video sheds light on a deeply troubling situation where manipulation, abuse, and sexual exploitation of an underage girl by a young pimp, play out through Instagram. This alarming scenario represents the most prevalent form of sex trafficking involving underage girls and young women in Europe, with social media platforms serving as a breeding ground.

In the second video, we observe a group chat on Viber, where a female migrant is encouraged to open up about the intimate partner violence she is enduring. This powerful depiction underscores the importance of creating safe spaces for discussing such sensitive issues.

Lastly, in the third video, we eavesdrop on a phone conversation between two young men. When one acknowledges his friend’s violating and abusive behaviours, he reacts and takes a stand. 

Find the campaign on the Diotima Centre’s social media on 6,13,20/11.

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Share the videos with the hashtag #ActNow and spread the message that gender-based violence is not socially acceptable.

Useful information

If you are located in Attica or Central Macedonia and you need legal help and court representation, psychological support and professional counseling call Diotima Center:

▪️ Attica: Monday-Friday, 10:00-18:00, 210 3244380 or email

▪️ Central Macedonia: Monday-Friday, 10:00-14:00, 2310 534445 or send to

Psychological support is also provided remotely to women living in other cities in Greece. If you live anywhere else and need legal advice, psychological support and a referral to a shelter, call the national SOS 15900 hotline or talk to a Counselling Centre.


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