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The project implements a tailored support program aimed at women victims of gender-based violence (GBV) and their children.

The project “Integrated one-stop support service aimed at women survivors of GVB and their children to tackle the needs arising from the Covid-19 crisis” (“LILA”) is implemented in the context of CERV-2021-DAPHNE, (project number: 101049286), from 1st of March 2022 to 28 February 2024 and funding by EU. The coordinator of this program is ABD  Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (Spain) and partners Diotima Center,  Fondazione ACRA (Italy), and Payoke (Belgium). Visit the project page here


The project’s general objective is to design, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive and tailored support program aimed at women victims of gender-based violence (GBV) and their children, based on their individual needs and paying special attention to those having arisen from the covid-19 social and economic crisis. Special focus will be given to migrant and refugee women and their children, and to victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation, as they are the most exposed group to the violation of their rights, to multiple forms of violence, and to the impacts of the Covid19 crisis.

Moreover, the project “LILA” will also target minor victims of sex trafficking through the loverboy modus operandi. The project will be implemented in four EU countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, and Belgium.

Main Objectives/ Actions

1. Development of a protocol for psycho-social support to increase women’s resilience, help them escape abusive relationships, regain autonomy, and prevent further victimization/ involvement in violent relationships

2. Implement a pilot program to enable as many women/girls as possible to access it without discrimination. More specifically through:

  • providing support for the survivor’s economic independence through training (skills improvement e.g. through attending language classes, computer literacy courses, etc.) and activation in terms of their integration into the labor market,
  • the provision of specialized legal advice/ assistance,
  • the provision of psychotherapeutic sessions with the aim of specialized individual support,
  • preventing child abuse and promoting maternity support, etc.

3. fostering and enhancing multi-agency cooperation to increase the capacity of stakeholders and relevant professionals to provide support to survivors

4. raise awareness around gender-based violence, coordinated by the Diotima Centre

5. contributing to the identification of the emerging needs of the target groups in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the diagnosis of their social, emotional, and economic situation

Expected Results

LILA project contributes to achieving the objectives of the CERV call by supporting and assisting women directly affected by GBV and their children, taking the basis of the Istanbul Convention, EU strategy on the Rights of the Child, the Directive 2012/29/EU (Victims’ Rights Directive) and the EU Gender Equality


  • Desk research on the service provided to victims of gender-based violence in Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Spain during and after Covid-19

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  • Online transnational capacity building for professionals

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  • Guide to psychosocial intervention for girls and women affected by gender-based violence and their children

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  • Evaluation Report “Integrated one-stop support service aimed at women survivors of GBV and their children to tackle the needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis”

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