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graphic showing three women holding hands and at the middle it reads "all safe" "free legal aid"
All safe | Legal aid for victims of domestic violence
The program aims to provide free legal assistance to Greek women and immigrant women who are citizens or residents of Athens and have low incomes.

For the next three months, the Diotima Center will implement the “All safe” program with the support of the Municipality of Athens. The program aims to provide free legal assistance to Greek women and immigrant women, victims of domestic violence, who are citizens or residents of Athens and have low incomes.

The purpose of the program is to support survivors and reduce the consequences of domestic violence, which is on the rise all over the world, in the midst of a pandemic and restrictions on the movement of citizens.

Women can call every day from Monday-Friday, 09.00-16.00, on the new line of the municipality at 210-5210645, and/or contact via the e-mail address

with the specialized scientific staff from the Department of Equality & Anti-Discrimination Policies of the Municipality of Athens.

The incidents will be immediately referred to a specialized lawyer and psychologist at the Diotima Center. Referrals can also be made by the competent services of the Municipality (Social Services, Community Centers, Hostel for the accommodation of abused women, Program help at home, etc.).

The Center’s team will provide survivors with free legal assistance and short-term psychosocial support remotely, only for as long as the measures for the restriction of the movement of citizens are in place.

Responding to the difficulty of many women to contact support structures in this condition, in addition to telephone communication, chat applications, email, etc. will also be used. The presence of a lawyer will be mandatory in emergency situations where there is a need to immediately go to the Police Department, together with the victim, to file a lawsuit.

Legal assistance includes legal advice, assistance in filing a lawsuit, and legal representation. Indicative: filing a lawsuit at the PS or the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office, drawing up pleadings for insurance, restrictive measures and/or lawsuits, assistance in the process of issuing a residence permit for humanitarian reasons, in cases of immigrant women without legalization documents, etc.

In case it is deemed appropriate, and always with the consent of the person served, there will be a possibility to provide psychosocial support (up to 3 sessions), with the aim of providing mental health first aid, connecting with services, information about programs, etc.

The Diotima Center is a specialized body in issues of gender-based violence. In the last 5 years we have supported (psychosocial and legal assistance) more than 2,800 women – victims of gender-based violence, we have represented more than 500 women in courts, and 700 women and men participated in empowerment and awareness groups about gender-based violence.


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