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Εικαστικό. Σκιά ατόμου φαίνεται πίσω από φωτεινές επιφάνειες
Inhuman detention conditions for women prisoners
The Diotima Center appeals to the Ministry to ensure decent detention conditions, especially for women prisoners and their children.

A few days ago, the report of the European Commission on the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) was published (read it here).

The report was drawn up after the visit of a Commission Delegation to places of detention (prisons, police stations, transit centers) in our country, exactly one year ago, from March 28 to April 9, 2019.

Once again, the Commission’s findings are shocking and testify to the generally dire detention conditions in our country.

Especially for female prisoners, it is found that they are treated in an inhumane and degrading manner and their detention takes place in conditions offensive to human dignity.

Not even access to water

Indicatively, we quote the following, regarding the days of the Commission Delegation’s visit to Greece:

  • Women were found to be detained in certain Police Stations together with men, with whom they had no relation.
  • Women with very young children (infants a few months old) or in the last stage of their pregnancy were “hosted” in the completely inappropriate environment of the Athens and Thessaloniki Transfer Centers.
  • Women during the transfer process were transported together with male prisoners in the same vehicles, exposed to verbal violence and insulting behavior from the latter.
  • In some women’s prisons, female prisoners were not allowed to cook for themselves and there was no access to hot water.

The state should take measures

To all of the above, the well-known unacceptable and terrifying image that characterizes the Greek prison system as a whole (overcrowding, miserable living conditions, frequent incidents of violence between prisoners, few staff, insufficient medical care, lack of access to personal hygiene items, etc.) must be added.

The Greek state is being called upon to take action once again for numerous human rights violations.

Deplorable conditions in the detention centers for foreigners

The Commission Delegation during its ten-day stay in Greece last year did not visit the detention centers for foreigners, but from complaints that have come to light, and we hope they are under investigation, it appears that (also) there, the conditions are horrible for women prisoners and their children.

We even know that several of them experienced serious forms of gender-based violence before their confinement, which makes them extremely vulnerable, making the corresponding conditions of detention even more torturous.

The Diotima Center appeals to the competent Ministry to take special care of women prisoners, nationals, and foreigners, under trial, sentenced, or in administrative detention and to ensure decent conditions of detention and transfer for them and their children.


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