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Building a safety net for refugee women
The programme focuses on expand prevention and response to gender-based violence against immigrant and refugee women.

Diotima participates in the implementation of a two-year transnational project funded by European Union. KETHI is the leader of the project while SURT, Differenza Donna and the General Secretariat for Gender equality also participate as partners. The project has started in December 2016 and is planned to be completed in November 2018.


  • Ensure easy access of GBV survivors, in particular female migrants and refugees, to the specific aid services and receiving of appropriate assistance
  • Appease underreporting of GBV by raising capacity and awareness of field professionals to identify the survivors and refer them to the proper authorities and services
  • Expand prevention of and response to GBV in partner countries through building respond capacity of GBV professionals regarding diverse needs of migrant and refugee survivors; improvement of working methods and establishment of multi-actor coordination and improved protection mechanism
  • Get migrant and refugee women empowered and well informed to report and stand for their rights
  • Open the public agenda with new GBV challenges and frames of respond and stimulate action by all relevant actors, including adequate representation and consultation of  women’s organisations


  • Cross country situation and capacity analysis in GBV to identify problems and good practices and summarise recommendations for the preparedness and comprehensive prevention and response capacity at all stages
  • Multi-actor Coordination mechanism-provide accessible, prompt, confidential, and appropriate services to survivors according to a basic set of guiding principles to prevent incidents of GBV
  • Capacity building for professionals working in specific GBV services- improve understanding of  GBV contextual circumstances and the diversification of GBV survivors’ needs, sharing of a cultural sensitive approach,  develop response frameworks
  • Inter-agency Training-improve knowledge on gender equality issues, GBV and guiding principles and international legal standards
  • Awareness raising seminar-sensitize the assisting staff about proper GBV survivors treatment
  • Empowerment seminars – enhance agency, build solidarity bonds and information on women’s human rights
  • Legal information and assistance/ counselling sessions to migrant and refugee victims of GBV to pursue legal justice for gender-based violence crimes
  • Dissemination and Awareness raising activities- share best practice and results; sensitise specific & wider audiences; inform PoC; mobilise local actors in taking prevention  concerted action


Comparative report on protection and response to Gender Based Violence in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain

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Training Resource Package: A guide for professionals working with refugee and migrant populations in the context of GBV specialized services

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Index: On good and bad legal administrative practices for combating gender-based violence

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Awareness raising guide for auxiliary staff working with survivors of Gender Based Violence

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