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The programme aims at the prevention of forced marriages by training professionals working with potential victims.

FM OUT – Finding ways out to forced marriages: prevention, protection, and support tools for practitioners across Europe is co-funded by the program Rights, Equality and Citizenship for the period May 2020 – September 2022.

The project is led by the  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and partner organizations, are Diotima Centre from Greece the Fundació SURT from Spain, the Anonyme Kriseneinreichtung für Mädchen und junge Frauen mit Migrationshintergrund (PAPATYA) from Germany and the Voix de Femmes from Belgium. Visit the project page here


FM-OUT! aims to expand and train professionals working with potential victims of forced marriages (FM), one pervasive form of gender violence. It will do so by widening the range of professionals involved in the early detection and identification of potential victims of FM and providing them with training and tools to face the challenges posed by this social problem, in particular identifying cases moving in the “grey zone” where intimidation takes more subtle paths and is more difficult to identify or for victims to seek help.


FM-OUT! aims to equip professionals working (in)directly with potential victims of forced marriages (FM) with competencies and tools in order to face the challenges posed by this social problem in 4 EU countries by:

  • Assessing their needs via quantitative and qualitative research procedures
  • Fostering the mutual learning and capacity building of front-line professionals, to improve support services.
  • Raising awareness and contributing to a change in the behavior of the general public
  • Advocating for an end of FM among policymakers and stakeholders

Main activities

  • Conducting research in 4 countries (Spain, Greece, Belgium, and Germany) regarding forced marriages among immigrant populations.
  • Creating relevant interactive, digital, educational materials
  • Educational training programs for professionals
  • Implementation of educative and psycho-pedagogical activities for young men and women
  • Advocacy towards decision-making bodies to bring to view the issue of forced marriages and come up with solutions.

Target group

The main beneficiaries of the project will be front-desk professionals working in: formal/informal education, health, police, justice, social services, gender violence, and cultural diversity management

Expected results

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of professionals on  forced marriages
  • Increased capacity to address FM
  • An extension and adaptation of structures for the prevention of and responses to violence to cover FM
  • Strengthening multi-agency cooperation and collaboration between different bodies
  • Larger incidence of FM in the political and public agendas and a more coherent and coordinated approach to the provision of support services for victims of FM


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Training Material

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