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Women going digital
The project aims at strengthening the digital skills of unemployed women and upgrading their professional profile.

The program “Women Going Digital”  is being implemented on a pilot basis for the period May – September 2020, with the support and funding of the Latsis Foundation. The program was designed and implemented by the Diotima Center, with long experience in women’s empowerment, and Social Hacker Academy , specializing in technological education.


According to research data, women are under-represented in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), facing difficulties both in their inclusion in the digital labor market and in their daily lives.

In this context, the “Women Going Digital” program aims to:

  • Strengthening the digital skills of unemployed women
  • Upgrade their professional profile
  • Facilitating their access to the (digital) labor market
  • Raising awareness of low representation of women in ICT and taking action to converge on the gender digital divide

Main activities

  • WordPress Website Learning Tutorial (90 + 90 Hours)
  • Soft skills training
  • Networking with the job market
  • Research on the low representation of women in the technology sector

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