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Gender Pay Gap and crisis
The research focuses on the crisis consequences on salary gender inequality in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.

This comparative report has been produced in the framework of the European Progress project titled “Bridging the Gender Pay Gap. Transnational cooperation – Cyprus – Greece – Portugal” 2014-2016


Under European treaties, gender equality is a cornerstone of the European Union as a fundamental right. The promotion of the EU’s values and the prosperity of its peoples therefore relies on effective safeguarding of fundamental human rights and thus of gender equality, which is the responsibility of the EU and its Member States to uphold for their citizens.

The Gender pay gap has been declared as the most crucial discrimination against working women in all over the world and the more persistent since it is related to a number of social and institutional frames, to a range of policies, (local) labour market structures and dynamics, and overall the instersection of class, gender, race, education and other social parameters. In the context of the specific project “Bridging the Gender pay Gap – Cyprus, Greece, Portugal” funded by the EU Programme “Progress” the attempt has been to identify trends and also changes/reforms made in the industrial relations, legal and administrative framework and their impact in the GPG in the crisis period among three countries which have been in debt crisis and have experienced extended austerity measures and Memoranda.

In addition there has been studied the GPG changes that have been occurred in the same period based in the processing of the basic socio-economic data and statistics which are presented in the second part of the comparative study. Also the aim was to highlight the role that trade unions, the social partners in general as well as other public Gender Equality bodies have played in protecting women’s working rights and their position into the labour market and employment


Maria Liapi

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