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photo from the performance, showing two women dancing while holding a red cloth
The Blooming Shoes
Performance with original texts by six Greek writers, concerning domestic violence in all different forms.

The Diotima Center invites you to the theatrical performance “The blooming shoes”, on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at 20:00 in the specially designed underground space of the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation (Piraeus 206 – Tavros).

The theatrical performance “The Blooming Shoes”, conceived and directed by Anna Hatzichristou, is part of the action against the abuse of women, in the framework of the program “Legal aid and empowerment of victims of gender-based violence”, implemented by the Diotima Center.

The experience next door

For the first time, female victims of abuse find the courage to recount their experiences ‘next door’ on stage, regain their lost dignity and pride and urge every woman who experiences gender-based violence to seek help.

The aim is to inform and raise the awareness of society as a whole about gender-based violence and its consequences, the defense of women’s right to life and safety, protection from violence, and the inalienable right to a fair trial.

Six Greek writers

6 Greek writers are coming to contribute to this effort: Kostis Gimosoulis, Vassilis Palamaras, Leandros Polenakis, Stamatis Polenakis, Yiannis Soldatos, Thanasis Heimonas with original texts concerning domestic violence in all its manifestations, the social exclusion experienced by victims of gender-based violence, the sale of women for sexual exploitation (sex trafficking), forced marriage, and online bullying.


Conception/direction: Anna Hatzichristou

Movement/Choreography: Manos Kardaras

Sets/Costumes: Gina Stavraki

Music: Marina Chronopoulou

Theatrical team

“The Muses of Trauma”


Diotima Center


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