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Gender pay gap in collective bargaining
The training material provides examples for trainers about the gender pay gap in collective bargaining.

This manual is not and could not be exhaustive by no means on all dimensions of gender equality. It is meant to act as a resource for stakeholders’ representatives as well as for labour inspectorates, company managers, and civil society groups in order to

  • raise awareness on the GPG and indicating its hidden elements/impacts
  • convince for the need for including the GPG issue into negotiations taking place between social partners and employers and for considering the issue into company policy
  • indicate the methods for preventing the phenomenon and its consequences, which are extend beyond the workplace.

Hence, its main aim is to support and help these groups of people to identify and eliminate gender based inequalities within the course of their work and duties.

This manual has been produced in the framework of the European Progress project titled “Bridging the Gender Pay Gap. Transnational cooperation – Cyprus – Greece – Portugal” 2014-2016, by the transnational partnership consisting of the following partners: Project coordinator: Cyprus Institute of Labour of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (INEK-PEO), Cyprus


Maria Liapi
Dimitra Antonopoulou

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