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three women are photographed on stage after the award ceremony
Communication Award for the Don’t Skip campaign
The first prize went to the campaign "Don't skip - Don't skip gender-based violence" in the section "Excellence in Communication" of the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2019.

The campaign was implemented (May – July 2018) by the Diotima Center with the kind support of the Papastratos company, in the context of the first phase of the SPEAK program. The campaign specifically received the gold award in the “Communication Program – NGO Campaign” category.

The successful Hellenic Responsible Business Awards, held for the fourth consecutive year, aims to highlight exemplary models of cooperation between the business world and civil society organizations.

The ultimate goal of the institution is the transformation of modern entrepreneurship, with the goal of the common good, but also the promotion of social corporate responsibility.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, February 21, at the Anais Club Varympompi. with the participation of hundreds of executives from Non-Governmental Organizations, the business world, and a multitude of institutional representatives. The award categories included the following: ‘NGO of the Year’, ‘Social Entrepreneurship’, ‘Cause Advocacy’, ‘Private Enterprises’, ‘Employees’, ‘Excellence in Communication’, ‘Excellence in Collaboration’, ‘Investment Model’, ‘ Technology for the Common Good” and “Sustainable Development”. The prize for the Don’t Skip campaign was received on behalf of the Diotima Center and the Papastratos company by Despina Tsouma (legal services manager) and Christina Akouri (communications director), respectively.


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