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Αίθουσα συνεδρίου
Perspectives in refugee management
The Diotima Center invites you to the GSGE conference entitled "National European challenges and perspectives in the management of the refugee issue".

The Diotima Center invites you on Monday 15/10/2018, at 9.30 a.m., at the Titania Hotel (52 Panepistimiou, Athens), to the conference organized by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, entitled “National European challenges and perspectives in the management of the refugee issue”.

We are building a safety net

The conference takes place on the occasion of the completion of the two-year (2016 – 2018) European transnational program “Building a safety net for refugee and immigrant women”, funded by the European Union.

The aim of the program was to prevent and deal with violence against immigrants and female refugees from Italy, Spain, and Greece.

The coordinator of the project was KETHI, while the following organizations participated as partners: Differenza Donna ONG, (Italy-NGO), SURT Foundation (Spain-NGO), Diotima Women’s Studies and Research Center (Greece-NGO), General Secretariat for Gender Equality (Greece-Ministry of the Interior).


The program of the conference is particularly rich, in terms of topics as well as represented organizations and speakers. The conference is structured in three sections:

In the first, entitled “European challenges and perspectives in the management of the refugee issue”, the following will intervene: Dimitris Vitsas (Minister of Migration Policy), Marina Chrysoveloni (Deputy Minister of the Interior), Pilar Llop (Director General of the Spanish Government for Violence against of Women) and Juliane Nagel (Member of the Saxon Parliament).

In the second section, entitled “Prevention and response to gender-based violence in refugee populations”, both the project “Building a safety net for refugee and immigrant women” will be presented, as well as its goals and actions.

Finally, in the third section, entitled “Synergies and coordination of agencies and organizations”, the conclusions of the conference will be presented.

Recommendations of the Diotima Center

  • Maria Liapi (sociologist – researcher, equality expert, legal representative of the Diotima Center): “Response to gender-based violence – results of a transnational study”
  • Virginia Xithali (psychologist): “The development of skills of professionals working with survivors of gender-based violence: results, findings, and educational tools”
  • Ioanna Stedoumi (lawyer): “Good and bad legal and administrative practices in dealing with gender-based violence”.

Attendance certificates will be provided.


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