New SGBV case management team at Thessaloniki’s urban area

Posted by: Διοτίμα

The Center for Research on Women’s Issues – Diotima, is a nonprofit, non governmental women’s organization. It was established in the late 1980s aiming at systemically highlighting discriminations against women on all levels of social, political and economic life.

Our main goals are:

  1. To act as a point of reference for women through a plethora of initiatives, activities and projects
  2. To contribute at formulating and promoting gender equality initiatives and at mainstreaming gender in policies of both state and non state actors
  3. To actively participate in raising visibility and advocating for women’s rights at national and transnational level
  4. To raise awareness on gender issues among all different publics

Diotima has established a new team consisted of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) case management professionals to provide an integrated response to SGBV incidents in the urban context of Thessaloniki. Based on the existing experience, the team will cover the important gap of proper case management including escorting and mediating procedures to ensure successful referrals to public/local services such as health, security, social care, access to shelters as well as follow up to safeguard that SGBV survivors’ needs and rights in the whole process are addressed and secured (including asylum and family reunification procedures). Moreover, the team includes lawyers who can provide free legal support including representation at court for female refugees, SGBV survivors or women at risk.

Within the context of the existing referral pathways in urban accommodation and if needs arise, we would invite organizations to refer cases to CRWI Diotima’s team. Further to this, we can also receive referrals from the sites, depending on CRWI Diotima’s team capacity at the given moment and the survivor’s ability to receive services outside of the site. (Referrals should always be done with the informed consent of the survivor, flagging the urgency of the case).

Address:7, Dodekanisou Str. ,7th floor, office 6

Focal Point: Vily Chatzigianni. SGBV professionals: Gashi Eva, Theofanidou Marialena, Karaisaridou Korina  Lawyer: Kyrmanidou Evangelia

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: (+30) 2310 534445, (+30)6975872416