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black and white photo from a feminist demonstration of the last decade, between two other women holding a vertical banner that reads "equality / the time is now"
The Diotima Centre for International Women’s Day
We unite our voices for women's rights in all fields of social, political, economic, and cultural life.

We join our voices and our struggles with feminist organizations, organizations defending women’s rights in all fields of social, political, economic, and cultural life, solidarity and advocacy groups against violence against women, initiatives of resistance to the removal of fundamental rights to work, health, politics, art, and expression.

In the current context, women’s voices and political discourse, however, silenced by the mainstream agenda and the media, are overturning stereotypical notions of gender and ways of self-organization, solidarity, and everyday resistance. It brings to the fore subversive dimensions of demands and serves as an alternative paradigm for a more comprehensive challenge to the neoliberal and authoritarian capitalist system and ecological destruction.

We do not accept visits and wishes or consolations:

  • We demand equal participation in politics and representation in trade unions, political parties, parliament and the European Parliament, and in the business world
  • We demand respect for the right to self-determination, personal autonomy, and representation of all women regardless of color, race, age, sexual identity, language, class, work, and education.
  • We seek the abolition of patriarchy and sexism.
  • We fight against modern policies of authoritarianism and biopolitics that lead to the revival of fascist concepts and social hatred, the devaluation of the lives of others, and the abolition of the fundamental rights of the citizens.

We are demonstrating – demanding – expressing ourselves and painting our city in the feminist colors of gender equality.


The Diotima team

8 March 2014


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