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Promote political participation
This research aims to specify female migrants' participation procedures in local councils/ political committees, trade unions etc.

The present handbook on mentoring is a result of the European project “Opening participatory routes: Mentoring and building capacity for active citizenship from a gender perspective (Parti GE.MI.)”.

Project partners (universities and educational institutions) from Greece, Spain, Italy, and Germany participated in the project. Parti GE.MI. aims to improve the political participation of migrants from countries outside the EU with a focus on forms of participation in trade unions, parents’ representations at schools, and local councils/ political committees at a local level.

This handbook is based on the experiences of carrying out the model mentoring programme “Working together” in Frankfurt am Main. The guidelines are practice-oriented and describe in detail the individual steps needed to implement the mentoring programme.

The handbook is aimed at actors in Europe who are active in migration work in general and other institutions working to promote political and social activities of migrants. Our experiences and those of our project partners in the successful implementation of “Working together” should offer these actors ideas that can be reproduced.

Although the target group of this project were migrants from third countries, the experiences can also be transferred to other migrant groups. The handbook is also aimed at decision-makers in integration and active citizenship policies. The experiences in “Working together” and the results have shown that mentoring is an effective tool for the promotion of migrants’ political participation.


Liapi Maria
Kambouri Nelli
Vouyioukas Anna

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