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Φωτογραφία. Γυναίκα κρατάει ντουντούκα
Participation in the March 8 strike
The workers of the Diotima Center respond to the call of feminist and women's organizations and participate in the March 8th strike.

On March 8, 2016, feminist organizations and women’s collectives from different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America called for a feminist strike, thus establishing March 8, international women’s day, as the International Women’s Strike. The culmination of the project was the historic strike that took place in 2018 in Spain with the massive participation of approximately 5.3 million women.

The workers of the Diotima Center are responding to the call of feminist and women’s movements and organizations and are participating in the strike that will take place on Friday 8/3/2019.

We support and claim:

  • broad recognition and acceptance of women’s rights regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, class, age, and physical ability
  • visibility and the equal treatment of women in every space, public or private
  • not commercializing March 8th, but establishing it as a Global Women’s Strike

Due to our participation in the strike, our services to refugee women will be partially provided with security personnel.


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