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Άνθρωπος κοιτάει τρείς πίνακες με διαφορετικές αποχρώσεις
Don’t Skip | New campaign against gender-based violence
The aim is to make the phenomenon of gender-based violence visible by raising awareness and informing society.

Our new nationwide campaign against gender-based violence is here! We remind you that the campaign was symbolically launched on March 8th, 2018. International Women’s Day was chosen as the starting point to commemorate years of struggles for gender equality.

This was followed by the announcement of a short film competition: “Young creators against gender-based violence”. With this competition we invite students, students of relevant schools, and young creators to tell a story about violence against women, using any kind of documentation that expresses them (fiction film, documentary, visual poem, etc.).

As of Monday 14/5/2018, the campaign goes live! Its central message is: “Don’t Skip”. Its aim is to make the phenomenon of gender violence visible, raising awareness in society, so that we do not skip the daily incidents that we see, hear, suspect, and know about. After all, for a timely and effective response to violence against women, the contribution of all of us is necessary.

The campaign will have a nationwide scope and will include a series of multifaceted actions to raise public awareness of the phenomenon of gender-based violence, targeting the heart of the social stereotypes that sustain and reproduce it. It will last until the end of July and its material will be announced on the Diotima Centre’s website and social media.

**The campaign is part of the SPEAK program, implemented with the generous support of Papastratos, and as a whole includes: a) providing free legal assistance to low-income women who suffer or have suffered gender-based violence b) strengthening prevention by organizing awareness-raising workshops in open groups of young men and women c) carrying out an awareness-raising campaign for the wider public.


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