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Hellenic Anti-Poverty Network
The Diotima Centre participates in the Network in an attempt to highlight gender-based aspects of exclusion in the broader agenda.

The Hellenic Anti-Poverty Network, a founding member of the European Network of the same name established in 1990, took the legal form of an association in 1996 and has so far included 25 voluntary, non-governmental organizations.

The Hellenic, in cooperation with the European Network, organizes and participates in working groups, meetings, and seminars in order to inform and educate its members, exchange experiences, and develop partnerships, but also lobby the decision-making bodies at the EU level. It monitors and analyses European and national policies and programs affecting people experiencing poverty and exclusion (Health & Welfare Committee, National Action Plans).

The Network has greatly contributed to networking and cooperation between its member organizations and to their common understanding and strategy on national and European social policy issues.

The Diotima Centre, actively participates in the Network, attempting to highlight and integrate into the general agenda, aspects of gender-based exclusion and to cooperate with other organizations in their joint intervention in these issues, to systematically inform and raise awareness of public opinion and the relevant state institutions on issues of poverty and social exclusion, to seek to formulate policy proposals and to encourage individuals and social groups experiencing social exclusion to claim and exercise their rights.

The Network’s declared key demands include:

  • The fair redistribution of wealth
  • Access to quality employment
  • A high level of social protection
  • The fight against discrimination
  • The active participation of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion

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