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Joint note on the European Commission proposal on border control
The 23 organizations we work with in Greece express serious concerns about elements of the proposed control regulation.

In September 2020, the European Commission presented its proposal for a new Pact on Migration and Asylum, promising a “fresh start” in Europe’s approach to migration. The Pact introduces a number of legislative proposals currently under consideration by the European Parliament and the Council, including a Regulation on the control of third-country nationals at the external borders.

A new principle to ensure that Europe’s approach to migration actually respects the EU’s core values ​​of human dignity, equality and human rights is indeed imperative. However, the 23 signatory organizations, including the Diotima Center, work in Greece and express serious concerns about some elements of the proposed control regulation.

We, therefore, urge EU policymakers to review the Proposal, as it risks undermining the rights of refugees and migrants and worsening the situation of people seeking safety and protection in the EU.

The proposal also increases the risk of refoulements, as it does not ensure safeguards for the asylum process, such as formal recognition of people’s vulnerability – particularly if there is insufficient legal aid.



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