Play Safe

Play Safe is an educational game about cyber violence.

Play Safe is an educational game that aims to educate and raise awareness among young people (14+) about cyber harassment and cyber violence, by addressing topics such as consent, healthy interpersonal relationships, and personal boundaries. It is available in Greek, English, and Farsi.

The app offers informative material and helpful guidance to individuals experiencing cyber violence and are in need of support.

The app was created in 2023 by the Diotima Centre, with the support of UNICEF. Play Safe is supported by Android operating systems installed on mobile phones and tablets.


Need Support

If you are experiencing or suspect that you are experiencing an incident of online sexual violence/harassment, know that it is not your fault. It is important to remember that you are not alone, you can contact an adult you trust or the following agencies/services. If it’s not for you but a friend give them all the information.

To report/complain about the incident:

  1. cyberalert.grCybercrime Unit: call 11188 (toll-free) or send to
  2. safeline.grGreek Safer Internet Centre: you can contact via email
  3. National child protection line 1107: call 1107 24 hours a day. The Line cooperates with the competent authorities and services for the immediate social protection of children and adolescents at risk.

For psychological support or counselling:

  1. call free of charge at 210-6007686 or send to You can contact via chat, which can be found on the page, every day from 14:00 to 17:00. All calls and reports are anonymous and confidential.
  2. The Smile of the Child Line 116111: You can call 116111 24 hours a day. Specialist psychologists are provided.
  3. National Child Protection Line 1107: Emergency counselling, psychological and social support is provided to minors, and liaison is made, when required, with specialised Child Protection Services.
  4. Diotima Centre: if you are a girl (16+) you can call 210-3244380 or email Specialized psychosocial and legal assistance is provided.


  1. you can get information and materials related to the safe use of the internet and social networks.

To support your friends:

  1. download the GBV Pocket Guide app here. here

Information Material

What is gender-based violence? What are the definitions of cyber violence? If it happens to you or a friend, what should you do? How can you ensure that you have given and received consent? Download the informational material and learn everything you need to know.

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