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LILA I Providing holistic support to survivors
After two years of successful actions in four countries, the transnational project “LILA” has come to an end.

The LILA transnational conference “Addressing Gender-Based Violence From Diverse Perspectives and Transformative Practices”, held in February 2024 in Barcelona, was a particular success.

Among the many interesting presentations, Mirto Prodromidou, the services coordinator of the Diotima Centre in Thessaloniki, presented intersectional feminist tools for providing holistic support to survivors and their children.

At the same time, the conference highlighted tools and methodologies developed in the framework of the project, as well as its results and the great success of the #ActNow awareness campaign.

LILA in numbers

After 2 years of successful actions, the LILA project, with ABD (Spain) as coordinator and Diotima Centre (Greece), Fondazione ACRA (Italy) and Payoke (Belgium) as partners, has been completed.

  • 103 survivors received psychosocial support, legal assistance and professional counselling
  • 390 professionals trained 
  • 2.8 million citizens followed the #ActNow campaign
  • 25 organisations, influencers and activists participated in the awareness campaign


The #ActNow campaign, coordinated by the Diotima Centre, was simultaneously broadcasted in Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium in November 2023, occasioned by the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence. 

The campaign garnered over 2.8 million views on social media, highlighting silent forms of gender-based violence, underlining the need to take a stand when witnessing incidents of abuse.

Watch the #ActNow campaign videos on the Diotima Centre’s YouTube channel.

Research and tools

  • Research | Services on gender-based violence after Covid-19 The study seeks to explore the provision of support services to survivors of gender-based violence in four countries

Watch here

  • Guide | Psychosocial intervention for survivors For health service providers, social service workers and educators in the EU

Watch here

Webinars | Exchange of good practices on gender-based violence The aim is to exchange experience and knowledge on the multiple forms of gender-based violence

Watch here

**The transnational project LILA was implemented under CERV-2021-DAPHNE, for the period 1 March 2022 – 28 February 2024, with EU funding. The project coordinator is ABD-ONG (Spain) and partners are Diotima Centre (Greece), ACRA (Italy) and Payoke Vzw (Belgium).


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