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Women as prevention actors in the community
The Diotima Centre worked with 15 women from migrant communities to prevent gender-based violence. Watch the video.

Women can play an important role as prevention actors in their communities! Loyal to this belief, we worked for a year with 15 women living in Greece from different countries: Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Morocco, Iran, Uganda and Congo.

Our goal was to empower and strengthen their skills so they can support women who have suffered gender-based violence and we succeeded!

In the final phase of their training, the women participated in peer learning activities with staff from 13 agencies. The latter were informed about the gaps and omissions in support for migrant & refugee women and the needs of communities, paving the way for a culture of equal support.

Prevention actions

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Script / Direction: Niovi Anazikou
Director of Photography: Nikos Koutsouras
Camera Women: Maria Sidiropoulou, Chloe Bruhat
Camera: Spyros Kyriazatis 
Sound recording: Dimitris Koukouvanis
Editing: Alexandra Verykokkou
Post Coordinator: Nikos Kollias
Content Manager: Natasha Kefallinou (Diotima Centre)

Many thanks to Galini Masliuk, Claudia Memousi, Konstantina Menka, Nini Lomsadze for their participation in the video.

Thank you for the hospitality: Match Point Bar, Greek Forum of Migrants, Albanian Women’s Association in Greece, Ukrainian Community in Athens.

* The video was created as part of the Community linkage project under CERV-2021-DAPHNE, with EU funding. The coordinating organisation is Surt (Spain) and partners: Diotima Centre (Greece), Cesie (Italy) and ZRS Koper (Slovenia). Learn more about the project here.


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