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Premiere of accessible documentary SAFEable
An accessible documentary about the experience of gender-based violence in women with sensory disabilities.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence, liminal and the Diotima Center invite you to the premiere of the documentary “SAFEable: Accessibility and Inclusion in Information and Protection from Gender-Based Violence”, directed by Niovi Anazikou, on Saturday 10/ 12, 5.30 pm, at the Greek Film Archive (48 Iera Odos, Kerameikos, Athens).

SAFEable is a fully accessible documentary, in which women with sensory disabilities were actively involved in both its planning and production. Through their narratives, the difficulties they face in trying to escape from abusive environments are reflected, while the relationship between gender-based violence and disability is explored.

In the documentary, specialized counselors from the Diotima Center share useful information to inform and raise awareness within the communities, as well as the general public, regarding the signs of gender-based violence and ways of protection.

After the screening, there will be a discussion moderated by Martha Babis. Maria Thrasyvoulidis from Liminal, Elia Charidis from the Diotima Center, and the director will speak. Representatives from PWD institutions and organizations will also take part in the discussion.

Women with sensory impairment

Women with disabilities make up 25.7% of the female population in Greece. As the available evidence shows, internationally, they face a higher risk of experiencing gender-based violence. Often the abuse also takes on crippling implications: emotional degradation linked to the disability, deliberate neglect, deprivation of medication, etc.

In fact, in their attempt to escape, they have to overcome a series of social obstacles. The high rates of unemployment and poverty they face trap them in abusive relationships, while at the same time they encounter difficulties accessing the available support structures: inaccessible spaces, lack of sign language interpreters and staff trained in orientation and mobility issues, etc.

Finally, there is a lack of accessible information about gender-based violence, their rights, and the existence of structures where they can seek help. Read more.


Τhe project

The documentary SAFEable was created within the framework of the SAFEable program implemented by the two organizations with the support of the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe. The program also included: The creation of an informative website on issues of gender-based violence and disability, fully accessible to people with sensory disabilities.

The training of sign language interpreters and the staff of liminal in matters of gender violence and the counselors of the Diotima Center in matters of accessibility and inclusion of the disabled.

The conversion of necessary documents for the support of women by the services of the Diotima Center into braille, large letters, electronic format, audio message, video with subtitles, and sign language interpretation. Conducting focus group discussions with people with sensory disabilities.


Documentary premiere

SAFEable: Accessibility and Inclusion in Gender-Based Violence Information and Protection

DATE: Saturday, December 10, 22022

TIME: 5.30 pm

PLACE: Greek Film Archive (48 Iera Odos, Kerameikos, Athens)

FREE ADMISSION – No booking is required.

The event is universally accessible (Audio Description, Sign Language Interpretation, SDH Subtitling, and Accessible venue).

Watch the documentary online


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