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Now you have someone to talk to! Thisis the title of the campaign currently organised by Diotima Center in Samosaiming to raise awareness about gender-based violence/ violence against women and informing the local and refugee population about the services offered.

Our campaign aims at informing women who live on the island that they can address and talk to a range of professionals in orderto get informed about their rights and receive support. Our ultimate goal is to empower women in order for them to live withoutfear, danger or violence, living a life they deserve.

Diotima Center is a women’s organisation, active in the field for more than 30 years, and specializingin issues of gender-based violence. Though based in Athens,since 2015 we have also beenworking and providing our services in Thessaloniki and Lesvos.

In Samos we set up our new local office five months ago and since then have startedproviding full support to survivors of gender-based violence,being funded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR).

Our local office in Vathy, Samos, and our highly experienced and dedicatedteam, consisting of awide variety of experts (psychologists, social workers, lawyers and interpreters), provides a full range of support services to adult, local women and/ or asylum seekers, recognised refugees, as well asmen and LGBTQ people who have confronted gender-based violence.

Our servicesalso include reception and needs assessment, psychosocial and legal support, including representation in the court, escort to public services and local agencies, referrals to other services, etc.

We also organise activitiesaiming at the prevention of gender-based and domestic violence and group meetings to increase awareness about women’s rights. Moreover, we offer empowerment activities, as well as, educational programmes for professionals and executives of organisationsabout gender-based violence, national and international response protocols, legislation, etc.

We work together to fight against gender-based violence.

We empower women to achieve gender equality and stop violence against them.


Samos team, Diotima Center

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Translation: Athena Kouverianou