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press releases

We promote gender rights and the rights of people who are on the move (refugees), in partnership with other Civil Society organizations. Read our Press Releases and find out more about our advocacy actions.

family law

The Diotima Center for co-custody

The Diotima Center is positioned in the dialogue that has opened up about co-custody and the incomplete reform of family law.

through the window of a car a woman holds up a paper that reads "as long as society denies to see it, another woman is murdered"
gender rights

For the arrests of feminists on 25N

Twelve feminist organizations are calling for the withdrawal of charges against the feminists who participated in symbolic actions for 25N.

refugee issues

Save dignity, save PIKPA and Kara Tepe

More than 160 organizations urge the Greek authorities to repeal their decision to terminate the operations of PIKPA and Kara Tepe.

φωτογραφία της εισόδου της Υπηρεσίας Ασύλου
refugee issues

Barriers to the work of NGOs

The certification process of NGOs in Greece should be aligned with the right to freedom of association.

gender identity

Moroccan trans woman at risk of deportation

In Morocco, her life and physical integrity are under threat as LGBTI people are persecuted in the country and threatened with discrimination and abuse.

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